EJT International Liaison Committee (EILC)

EjT International Liaison Committee (EILC)

EjT’s mission, vision and objectives are clear. In setting the direction of the organisation, we amongst other things, identified the stakeholders that are critical to the success of our efforts. The EjT Stakeholders Galaxy is shown below. Indeed, every single planet in the EjT’s Stakeholders Galaxy has an international relations component. Since international relations is a common denominator in the Stakeholders Galaxy, there is need to incorporate a dedicated structure to manage international relations and how it impacts EjT.

Several aspects of Ejagham heritage are at risk of Erosion, Dilution, Adulteration, Misinterpretation, and perhaps Extinction (EDAME). EjT is established to reverse this trend and promote Ejagham tradition by Documenting, Digitalising and Disseminating Ejagham traditional practices and cultural expressions.