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Ejagham  Journal  and  Book

Given the dearth of literature on Ejagham Traditional Practices (ETP) and Ejagham Cultural Expressions (ECE), there is a great need for a radical, yet constructive, documentation of all aspects of Ejagham heritage. Oral Tradition has its place, but death and memory loss call for a more durable and contemporary means of preserving a people’s history and reality.

It is a fact that several aspects of Ejagham heritage which include our tradition,   cultures, customs, and values are at the risk of Erosion, Dilution, Adulteration, Misinterpretation, and perhaps Extinction (EDAME). This is influenced mainly by              modernisation; urbanisation; migration, especially of young people; technology; lack of standardisation and one-stop-shop for Ejagham Traditional Practices (ETP) and Ejagham Cultural Expressions (ECE); general short attention span in this era, etc. To address these challenges and further advance Ejagham, Ejagham Tradition Centre (EjT) is thus embarking on structured documentation of Ejagham Heritage and ideas in other to preserve, safeguard, project, and improve Ejagham people and local communities through a Journal and Book Project.

The journal title is: Ejagham Journal: An International Journal of Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities. The editorial board is to oversee the management and publication of this journal and the book. Here, Ejagham and Non Ejagham intellectuals are at liberty to publish their research on any aspect of Ejagham heritage. This Journal shall not be predatory, since it is not created for academic promotions. It is simply created to preserve and update Ejagham intellectual heritage. Though, it is hoped that shortly, it shall become a high index journal where scholars around the globe can publish on Ejagham to get academic upgrading.

On the other hand, the Book project is designed to accommodate all kinds of literature on Ejagham Tradition and Practices. It is titled: Ejagham Tradition and Practices. Here, contributors are expected to simply document whatever they know about Ejagham’s past and present, especially as it relates to their immediate Ejagham community. This book shall accommodate Essays, Narratives, Poems, Folklores, Myths/Legends, Values, Beliefs, Festivals, Cultural Displays, Culinary, Recreation, Knowledge of Nature and the Universe etc. It shall be published in volumes. This book is an open space where non-academic writers can become authors on Ejagham as well.

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